Literary Essays


1. Description and aims

The aims of this seminar, part of the Practical Courses of English series, are to improve the students’ capacity to read, understand and examine a literary text, by offering them the necessary reading and writing skills as well as the appropriate critical vocabulary, cultivate and raise their capacity to materialize the result of the investigation of a literary text and the associated research activity in essays made so as to comply with academic and scientific requirements.

2. Time map

Week 1: How to write an essay

Assignment, academic writing, kinds of writing, researching and assignment, note-taking.
Planning and structuring the writing, composing, referencing and avoiding plagiarism.
Reviewing the work.

Week 2: ‘The Prussian Officer’

Week 3: ‘England, my England’

Week 4: Essay presentation and discussion

Week 5: ‘Sun’

Week 6: ‘The Fox’

Week 7: Essay presentation and discussion

Week 8: ‘The Captain’s Doll’

Week 9: ‘The Ladybird’

Week 10: Essay presentation and discussion

Week 11: ‘The Princess’

Week 12: ‘St Mawr’

Week 13: Essay presentation and discussion

Week 14: Final assessment

3. Bibliography

3.1. Literary bibliography: D.H. Lawrence


D.H Lawrence – Passport photograph

I. Short stories

‘The Prussian Officer’
‘England, My England’
‘The Ladybird’
‘The Captain’s Doll’
‘The Fox’
‘The Princess’
‘St Mawr’

II. Anthologies of stories

Lawrence, D.H. The Complete Short Novels. London: Penguin, 1982.
Lawrence, D.H. Selected Short Stories. London: Penguin, 1989.

3.2. Critical bibliography

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