BA Paper Topics

  1. Th. Carlyle’s Vision of Heroism and Moral Values
  2. Moral Virtue, Beauty and Art in John Ruskin’s Works
  3. Post-Romantic Voices in Victorian Poetry (M. Arnold, A. Tennyson)
  4. A. Tennyson’s Contemplation of Life and Death in his Poetry
  5. Robert Browning and the Search for Content and Form (his dramatic monologues)
  6. Robert Browning’s Men and Women
  7. Romanticism Revisited (the Pre-Raphaelite Movement)
  8. Paganism and Musicality in A. C. Swinburne’s Verses
  9. G. M. Hopkins’s Prosodic Techniques
  10. G. M. Hopkins’s Vision of God and Power
  11. The Condition of England Novels (Ch. Dickens’s Hard Times,  E. Gaskell’s North and South, B. Disraeli’s Sybil)
  12. Ch. Dickens’s Vision of Childhood in his Novels
  13. Ch. Dickens’s Critique of Victorian Institutions in his Novels
  14. W. M. Thackeray’s Carnival of Human Vices in Vanity Fair
  15. The Condition of the Woman in the Victorian Novel (the case of Ch. Brontë’s and G. Eliot)
  16. Middlemarch as Microcosm of Victorian England
  17. G. Eliot’s Typology of Characters in Middlemarch
  18. The Conflict between Soul and Mind (Passion and Reason, Passion and Intellect) in Jane Eyre and Middlemarch
  19. Wuthering Heights as Drama of (Self)Destruction
  20. Visions of Man, Nature and Outer Order in Wuthering Heights
  21. The Condition of Man in Th. Hardy’s Novels
  22. Th. Hardy’s Nature Symbolism in his Novels
  23. The Author and the Literary Text in the Victorian Novel
  24. Victorian England and the condition of England / industrial novels as representations of Industrial revolution and Utilitarianism