BA / MA Paper Support

Below there are several documents for you to download to support you in the writing process of the graduate research paper.

1. Two pre-formatted templates, one for the BA (Licenta) Paper and the other for the MA Dissertation. Use these as a basis of your papers to comply with the formatting requirements contained in the Style Sheet inserted underneath and have Word automatically create  your Table of Contents. Follow the instructions in the grey boxes.

word-file-icon BA Paper Template

word-file-icon MA Dissertation Template

2. The Style Sheet for both BA (Licenta) and MA papers.

Style Sheet

3. The requirements for the elaboration of the graduation papers issued by the Decanat.

 Cerinta de redactare a lucrarilor

4. A document containing details about the research process, note taking, as well as an example-based presentation of the the MLA Documentation Style for bibliographical citations.

 Research Paper Guide

Details about the MLA Documentation Style can also be found at:

html-icon .